Lenta Moda Instructions For Use


As Lenta Moda, we produce handmade products for you. Since you will use our products on your most special and most beautiful days, you should pay attention to some points. These points are especially important in the case of returns. Therefore, the following conditions should be considered when using dresses:


✓ The product labels should not be removed while the dresses are being tried on. The product with the label removed is considered a used product, and its return is not accepted.

✓ Our dresses should not be forced on while trying them on. The dresses that do not fit your size can cause problems during wear, such as broken underwire. The deformations caused by force cause the return to be rejected.

✓ In our underwire dresses, if the dress is small for your size, the underwire may break in case of forcing. You may encounter this problem, especially on special days. We recommend that you pay attention to this issue. We recommend that you do not buy products that are not suitable for your size and that tighten you too much.

✓ The product(s) are not suitable for dry cleaning. No returns are accepted for washed or dry-cleaned products.

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